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11 Essential Elements to Create a Killer Video


The importance of polished and professional video cannot be undermined in the current digital era. It is all about coming up with attractive, versatile and shareable ideas to reach a large audience. In times when almost 50 per cent of videos are being watched on mobile devices and more than 500 hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day, the effectiveness of video should be the center of concern for any commercial business or brand. Furthermore, it is imperative to understand the elements that serve to communicate your message clearly and effectively.

Let’s dig a little more and look at some of the ways to ensure effective communication in a video.

1. Effective Video subject

The video concept needs to be original and creative. The idea should be well-researched and planned, keeping in mind popular content that is successful in the industry. Also ensure that the idea has not been done by someone else. Each angle of content should be unique.

2. Protagonists and Performers

The performers play a great role in validating the subject. Their acting skills need to be good in order to convey the message of the script as well as convince the audience. It could be a great way to keep your audience engaged and develop the thirst for more!

3. Immaculate Script

A strong script with powerful dialogues is beneficial for ensuring effective communication. Focusing and improving dialogue delivery can also enhance the overall video quality.

4. The Set

These days the audience is too smart to know whether the set is genuine rather than just set dressing the office for video purposes. Since audiences pay close attention to video so it is suggested to choose different locations according to content.

5. An adequate amount of light

It is recommended to use a three-point lighting set-up to illuminate video subjects from various angles. Using three sources of lights helps in eliminating any unwanted shadows making a huge difference to video quality.

6. Good Sound Quality

The sound quality needs to be really good while recording videos. It is recommended to use lapel or lavaliere microphones as both are hands-free. Fuzzy indistinct audio can make people hit the back button instantly so ensure crisp and clear audio.

7. Avoid Shaking

Shaky footage makes a video look like a home movie. Thus, better use a tripod or set a camera on a sturdy surface. Invest in a standing tripod or tabletop tripod for tighter shoots to make video appealing.

8. Focusing the subjects

The camera should be in focus locking the exposure so it stays in focus. Shots must be white balanced to keep lighting neutral and even.

9. Rules of Thirds

According to the rule of thirds, it is better to split shots into thirds, horizontally, and vertically framing subject off-centre. This creates movement and life in shots the way a centred shot would not.

10. Impeccable Editing

While editing a video, it is better to ensure that the video gets to the point and does not drag. The beginning of the video should be engaging, informative and relevant to the target audience. It will enable them to not only understand the content but also help in delivering the required message.

11. Optimize the Overlaying Text

It is better to keep the style of text and titles simple, classy, and sharp. Choosing a clear and bold font, to keep words on your video screen to a minimum. Moreover, using text animations will keep the viewer engaged with new additions to the video they are watching.


Creating a flawless video would also require investing in the appropriate set of equipment and the skillset as well. It is eventually crafted after conducting a thorough research on the subject and comprehensive discussion with the prospects. Keeping in mind the effectiveness of communication, a good content should be planned according to the above-listed 11 essential elements of an effective branding video.


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