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Why you need to use video for Branding

4 Reasons Why You MUST Be Using Video for Branding

The unique terms of “brand video”, and “testimonials” are coined by video production agencies of the time. It’s quite possible that you have just started a new business and know nothing about video production but you really intend to run a flawless business in 2020. Let’s not be confused and cut to the chase. The […]

how to create a killer video according to a production company london

11 Essential Elements to Create a Killer Video

The importance of polished and professional video cannot be undermined in the current digital
era. It is all about coming up with attractive, versatile and shareable ideas to reach a large
audience. In times when almost 50 percent of videos are being watched on mobile devices and
more than 500 hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day, the effectiveness of video
should be the center of concern for any commercial business or brand. Furthermore, it […]

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