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4 Reasons Why You MUST Be Using Video for Branding


The unique terms of “brand video”, and “testimonials” are coined by video production agencies of the time. It’s quite possible that you have just started a new business and know nothing about video production but you really intend to run a flawless business in 2020. Let’s not be confused and cut to the chase. The reasons why you should have a video for your business is a wonder list. 

1- We are living in a world of videos:

Doesn’t matter if you are living in London or Lakeland. Marketing of your product through videos is the biggest and unstoppable medium. Viewers are able to retail no less than 95% of video message while watching a video as compared to any text-based ad. Most of your audience is a digital audience these days who must know why your service or product matters to them. Currently, 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube which Gary Vaynerchuk claims, has consumed 50% of television watch time. Thus, running a business without a video is like fishing without bait.  

2- Enhanced Communication:

You might have spent hours on nice looks of your website and focused on the nitty-gritty of awesome blog posts. But, if you really want to ride on the senses of your visitors, a video is required. Articles may not have the same level of sensation and emotional appeal as a video does. A good video uses top-notch images, impeccable sound, several verbal and nonverbal elements to direct the psychology of your viewer and communicate the message. In short, you could say much more in a video than in any other format of communication.

3- Ease of Accessibility:

It is researched by Forbes that traffic on videos will be 80% more than any other type of consumer traffic on the internet by 2021. Moreover, 50% of users watch videos before buying any other product. There is an inherent pull in a video format because of its stability. This era of century belongs to streaming content of companies like Amazon and Netflix. Consumers are more prone to watching videos because of their ease of accessibility. 

4- Social Proof:

Nobody is going to buy your services or product without the proper positioning of your product in their minds. This is where creative media production companies jump in. You should consider making a testimonial video of your customers to advertise your brand. It is found that 89% of B2B businesses consider customer testimonial to be the most effective element in content marketing. Everybody likes to hear from an interested prospect or satisfied customer before purchasing any product. They wish to know if your brand is cost-effective and is worth buying. This is exactly what a testimonial does. 


Having said all that, it seems a lot of work to create videos for your YouTube Channel or Social Media page—but that once made, they are extremely rewarding in both the monetary and the moral terms. All that you need is a high-quality camera or a branded smartphone, a tripod stand, some top-notch video editing software with immaculate video editing skills and sound professionals or you may simply outsource such jobs to any video production agency like Ima6ine media production. 


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