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Who Are we?

Ima6ine is one of the most imaginative
independent Film production companies
in the UK.

Established in 2015,

Ima6ine Produce outstanding short films
and TV series for major broadcasters
internationally and for social media

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Batni Dalili

Batni Dalili



100 Balfour Road

100 Balfour Road

Lahtha Ya Bunay

Lahtha Ya Bunay

Our Services

We offer a genuine end-to-end solution, from content planning and concept development, right through to production and distribution campaigns.


Brainstorming is the primitive stage of pre-production where a group discussion helps transform an idea into a clear concept for the movie.


The script of your movie is the most critical piece of document in the preproduction stage of your work. What you have got so far is the concept.

script writing stage in film production


A flawless and impeccable story is the backbone of every film that is easy to narrate to everyone in the preproduction phase.

storyboard media production


Storyboards are one of the most powerful tools to outline, and envision the accurate nature of your film, advertisement or production.

casting service stage of video production


Ima6ine offers supplying extras, walk-ons and supporting artists through our significant strategic alliance with media companies and a huge network of casting for feature films, commercials, television, pop promos, and corporate productions.

location scouting services london


Ima6ine could help you finding appropriate places for shooting on demand through our
professional partners and resources. These places can be used for filmmaking and commercial photography.

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