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Can You Add Subtitles To Your Videos

While it’s likely an extra step you’re not used to in the video creation process, captions or subtitles make your videos more accessible to the masses, improve your ROI, and encourage more people to view them.

It’s extremely simple to make sure your public has quick and easy access to your amazing material, whether you do it manually before publishing, use a service, or utilise auto-transcription software.

Let’s focus on the ways to add subtitles to your videos keeping Ima6ine production in mind. The alternatives may be UK video production companies or other productions. Let’s get this started!

What Are Subtitles?

Viewers who do not comprehend the languages will benefit from subtitles. As a result, subtitles simply display the spoken information and do not include sounds or other audio components. They’re most commonly used to describe the translations.
Can You Add Subtitles To Your Videos?
Subtitles are available in most video editors. And you’ve come to the right place! Subtitles are simple to make. Imagine production will teach you how to add subtitles to your movies using different methods.

Option 1:

CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a powerful and versatile video editor. The software’s structure is highly user-friendly, and it provides users with a variety of output formats. It has frequently been ahead of the curve in terms of support for new styles and innovations.

How To Add Subtitles?

Step 1: Access the Subtitle room.

Step 2: Click the plus button after dragging the timeline slider to the place where you’d like the subtitle to be displayed.

Step 3: Double-click the newly inserted subtitle in the panel above, and then type the wording you want. The subtitle that has been added to the video appears at the bottom of the video.

Option 2:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a renowned, industry-standard video editor with a user-friendly interface and extensive editing capabilities. Premiere Pro includes everything you need to make outstanding videos.

How To Add Subtitles?

Step 1: Open the “Captions” panel and type your text. You can use different formatting tools for customizing the text and background color.

Step 2: Over the necessary source clip in the pattern, drag the caption file onto the source sequence in the Timeline.

You can add more captions by clicking on “+” on the bottom-right of the caption panel. Similarly, to delete a caption, click on “-”.

Option 3:

Corel Videostudio

VideoStudio is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use tool for anybody who wants to rapidly create videos without fiddling with complicated features. It has a simple and attractive UI with a large number of features.

How To Add Subtitles?

Subtitling videos is a great way to make them easier to understand, and it’s especially handy if you want to add subtitles in multiple languages.

Subtitles may be created in VideoStudio in two ways:

• Using the “Title Tab” to manually create subtitles.

• Using the “Subtitle Editor” create subtitles automatically.

Option 4:


Filmora is a fantastic video editing program that offers a good mix of sophisticated capabilities and an easy-to-use interface at a unique price. The software is great when you need new video editing features trending in the market.

How To Add Subtitles?

Step 1: Select a title template to use in your video by dragging-and-dropping or right-clicking and selecting “Apply” from the “Titles” menu.

Step 2: On the Text Timeline, it will appear as a “T” icon, allowing you to drag it to any desired position.

Wrapping Up

From these Ima6ine Production methods, consider the advantages of using subtitles in your videos for both you and your viewers. All these above-mentioned options are utilised by UK Video Production Companies and Production Company London.

You now have a better understanding of your alternatives

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