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Why you should invest in video now, not later

As one of the leading expressions of communication, the demand for videos is rising now more than ever. People across industries and with different agendas employ audio-visual means in their business and interaction, and the results have been earth-shattering. There are projections of evolutions in communications and business or even personal interactions, but videos will evolve and thrive better. This article explores how videos are becoming more relevant and why you should not think twice before investing in videos.

Communication trends seem to shift every few years. In the last decade alone, we have changed our modes of messaging, advertisement, and content creation. All areas of communication moved from the age-worn analogue methods to the more progressive digital systems. And we are bound to see more transitions in the next few years. 

However, one area of communication that has stayed through the transitions is the audio-visual transmission. From the age of Cathode Ray Tubes through Magnetic Tapes, Optic Disc, Computer files, and now digital streaming, videos have been consistent in their delivery of communication materials and are leading the charge in the approaching times of virtual reality. 

Why Are Videos Relevant?

It is not difficult to reconcile the growth of video media with its effectiveness in conveying necessary details. From the wealth of the box office to the influence of news media and the relatable contents of live chats and social media contents, videos have maintained an unusually relevant position in communication for some of these reasons:

Consumers Find Videos More Engaging

Communication has always been about the balance of conveying and receiving information. The decline in certain media resulted from their inability to engage their audience fully, but videos are the perfect tool for engagement. This engagement became more pronounced in our age of social media and disruptive technology, with 69% of consumers claiming that they prefer to watch videos when learning about products and services. This is compared to the 18% that read text, the 4% that study infographics and the 3% that would download an ebook or manual. The best thing about engagement is that it can translate into more revenue for the content developer.

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Videos Have Multiple Uses

When creating media for a website or general publicity, business owners are often limited by text and other media expressions, but videos do not have such limitations. Everything from product development, industry news, event notice, or even memes will find easy expression through video. The rise of video-based social media platforms like Youtube, Tik Tok, and Vimeo has also increased the scope of video content individuals and businesses can create and distribute.

Videos Increase Sales Conversion

As one of the most engaging media, it is not surprising that most sales conversions come from video-related media. The details and relatable features of videos address the concerns of your audience and are enough guides for them to choose a stance on your product or services. The Wyzowl 2021 Video Marketing statistics show that 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video, while more than 93% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. 

How to Leverage Videos For Business Growth

Whether you are running a global conglomerate or a small-scale enterprise, you need videos to adequately reach your target customers, even if you run a personal brand. However, creating videos would be ineffective if you do not use the suitable measures and create videos that would endear customers to your brand or services. Here are three simple ways to leverage videos for business growth:

  • Create Engaging Contents
  • Optimise For Multiple Platform
  • Be Consistent

Create Engaging Content

While videos are the most relatable media, there are several ways you can go wrong with it. Videos will always draw consumers to your brand, but premium content is necessary. Trusting organisations like Ima6ine with your videos guarantees the best quality with extra help with creating engaging content. 

The most engaging video contents require personal touches like how your business or brand has evolved, answers to questions your clients or target audience have been asking, pointers or guides on how certain things work in your industry. Your consumers need to know that you are accessible and can relate to their needs; quality videos will help you do that.

Optimise For Multiple Platform

Reaching your target audience has never been easier. The age of social media and the Internet of Things has given you access to more platforms with users from across the world. Youtube has over 1 billion users, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms have enough users to get you all the clients you need, but you have to Get Their Attention.

Even if your business runs on conventional publicity like Billboards, Television, and other mainstream platforms. Creating quality videos help you stay relevant in this age of digital billboards and Satellite TV. Whether you want it to go viral or remain in your local media (we don’t recommend this), there is still a big chance that your video will get on the internet and attract some more attention than you expect.

Curate and distribute your engaging content across all the necessary platforms and watch your customer base increase with international engagement and the revenue to match. 

Be Consistent

It is not enough to have the best videos out there, but showing up consistently enough for your audience to recognise that you will always be there for them. Consumers want to feel connected, but they also want to connect with reliable brands. Creating the most engaging videos will only get their attention until something better grabs their attention, but showing them more of your premium content makes room for trust in your brand and products or services

Ready To Invest In Videos?


It is hard to keep up with all the trends in your industry, but you can stay ahead of the competition by investing in quality videos and leveraging them to reach your audience. Future trends in communication would bring changes to your business and industry, but as history has proven, we can always rely on videos.

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