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How to set up green screen

How to Set up a Green Screen

Interested in utilising your green screen? Try these tips.

1.Set up your screen:

Green screens should be hung on frames so that the entire background is filled. It should be flat and wrinkle-free, with no tears or wrinkles. The creases and wrinkles on the green screen can be smoothed out with an iron, depending on whether the green screen is collapsible or has been folded up for storage. Consider using a wrinkle-resistant matte screen instead of dealing with wrinkles.

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How to setup green scren

2.Get proper lighting:

The green screen may seem like an obvious choice if you have enough lighting on your subject. However, you should have different lighting set up to light your green screen. A patchy background will look patchy on camera and may be difficult to key in post-production. If you want to avoid directional shadows, diffused lighting will be the best setup. It’s probably best to diffuse your lights through either a softbox or a DIY tool such as white bedsheets using at least two 1000-watt bulbs.

3.Set up your subject:

It is best to keep your subject as far away from the green screen as possible to film an actor or an object. You may find it more challenging to match the lighting of your subject with the lighting of your background if they are right in front of a green screen.


It is now time to film the scene with the green screen set. Ensure you capture more than one take; otherwise, you may not find the raw footage you need in post-production.

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